Currently open for STD II to STD VII

Mathgym is a specially designed program to get unlimited practice on maths required in competitive exams like IPM Maths Scholarships, IISMA Scholarships, NSTSE Scholarships, Govt. Middle School Scholarship (MSSE), Govt. High School Scholarship (HSSE), & many such prevalent exams. Our special feature of hiding options makes this service useful even for practising school maths and other exams like Ganit Pravinya or Mathex.

Salient Features:

  • Fee for 1 month package: Rs.100/- only.
  • Fee for full year package: Rs.500/- only.
  • For 1 month as well as full year packages, you get access to all the services. The only difference is duration of availability.
  • Unlimited practice on competitive mathematics through Work sheets, Mini test and Full tests.
  • Coverage on all varieties of questions of the respective syllabus.
  • 1000+ questions for work sheets and Mini Tests for each standard.
  • 500+ different and challenging questions for full tests for each standard
  • Multiple work sheets on each topic of 10 questions each.
  • Multiple mini tests of 25 questions each.
  • For mini tests: you have a choice to pick any 5 topics as you want
  • Multiple full tests of 50 questions each.
  • Question types: Multiple Choice Questions with 4 options. You have a choice to hide options, for repeated practice and practicing school maths & other exams like Ganit Pravinya or Mathex.
  • Time bound practice. You have an option to select different timer. If the counter gets over, then you can view performance on questions solved so far.
  • Immediate checking of all the tests. You can view the performance statistics of all the solved tests.
  • You can reset the performance statistics of all tests at any time.