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Vedic Mathematics is not a part of any syllabus, yet its application will immensely benefit the students, not only in school, but also in college. It is a method/technique developed by our Indian heritage, over the years, for making mathematics very easy. Vedic method gives one-line solutions to many kinds of arithmetic calculations, algebraic equations and many other topics of mathematics. VM has very fast methods. Sums can be done quickly. It saves time and space and more importantly, the chances of errors are reduced to a bare minimum. More advanced levels of application of this very unique science are the probability theory and calculus also. Another good benefit is that unlike the Russian Trachtenberg system of Speed math, which has many rules to be remembered, Vedic Mathematics is based entirely on just 16 Sutras or formulae. Also the Vedic Sutras are easy to understand, apply and remember. Vedic method increases student's mental ability. Mathematics is considered as a hard nut to crack by our conventional methods, but can be made as an easiest subject by Vedic math's. It will surely change student's attitude towards mathematics. It allows for constant expression of student's creativity. It keeps the mind alert and lively because of choice of methods to get the same answer, as a result develops clarity of mind and intuition. One immediately sees a host of benefits that students could have, if they master these techniques. Scoring in competitive exams in math becomes a biggest challenge due to the time constraint is what our experience tells us. If this time factor can be overcome using VM, this may turn out to be the key factor for the desired success. With the same intention we have designed a basic course in VM, open for all age groups as VM has its own merits at every stage.

In case you have a group of 5 or more students, who are interested in learning Vedic Mathematics, we will conduct a 5-day workshop. For more details, please contact Sunil Sohani on 9820379104.

Following are details of the topics that we will cover:
Basic Course: (5 days workshop: Lectures of one and half hour duration) FEE:Rs.1000/- per head
1st DAY: Concept of digit sum, Multiplication of 2x2 digits by Urdhva Tiryak Sutra,
2nd DAY: Multiplication of 2x2 digits by Urdhva Tiryak Sutra, Squaring of numbers,
3rd DAY: Multiplication of 3x3 digits by Urdhva Tiryak Sutra, Multiplication by 11
4th DAY: Concept of complements, Multiplication by Nikhilam Sutra, Straight division.
5th DAY: Straight division method, Cubing of numbers.

Advanced Course: (5 days workshop: Lectures of one and half hour duration) FEE:Rs.1000/- per head
1st DAY: Concept of Vinculum digits, Multiplication by Nikhilam Sutra,
2nd DAY: Extension of Nikhilam rule Multiplication by Anurupyena Up sutra,
3rd DAY: Division by Nikhilam Sutra, Divisibility
4th DAY: Division by Paravartya Sutra Square root,
5th DAY: Divisibility, Cube root of perfect cubes